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Network Security Solutions

Always-on cloud network security that keeps your remote users safe and productive.

Ensure safe Internet experiences for all users accessing the network, from any location, using any device.

Cloud-based protection

Secure your network traffic without the complexity and overhead of additional proxy servers or on-premise appliances. Just point your DNS towards our cloud-based services and take advantage of our powerful threat intelligence network.

Comprehensive threat feeds

Tap into an ever-updating database of malicious objects and sites on the Internet and let us protect you. Our Network Security solutions use powerful, always-on, always-learning threat intelligence networks fed by millions of sensors.

Automatic site categorization

Deep content inspection is automatically performed on any sites that have not yet been categorized, blocking multiple types of malicious content including browser exploits, ActiveX hacks, and cross-site scripting attacks.

New! Discover Avast Business Secure Internet Gateway

New! Discover Avast Business Secure Internet Gateway

We’ve combined forces with Zscaler, the leading provider of enterprise cloud firewall networks, to offer the first enterprise-grade cloud firewall created specifically for small and midsize businesses (SMBs).

Learn about Secure Internet Gateway
Say hello to Secure Web Gateway

Protect your network with our cloud-based Secure Web Gateway service

Blocking access to known bad websites and downloads is at the cornerstone of the Avast Business Secure Web Gateway service. Prevent attacks from entering your network and actively neutralize in-progress attacks.

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Get Network Security in CloudCare

Get Secure Web Gateway in CloudCare

CloudCare is a SaaS security platform that lets you remotely deliver layered endpoint and network security services to multiple devices and sites from a single pane of glass.

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